AMD plays down hard drive shortage

While Intel is tearing its hair out and stamping on its rabbit over the HDD shortage, AMD says that it probably will not have a big impact.

According to the Wall Street Journal,  AMD Chief Executive Rory Read contradicted Intel by downplaying the impact hard disk drive shortages are having on the PC market.

Read said while there’s pressure in the market, he doesn’t see it has being particularly bad. There was enough hard-disk supply in the channel at the beginning of the period which has kept the industry ticking along.

If there are going to be any problems then they will be in the first and second quarter but he said he would not bet against the supply chain which is very resilient.

AMD still has a lot of opportunity to take market share even if the PC industry cuts its production, he said.

Read outlined his cunning plan to take back market share from Chipzilla in the coming months. He said that AMD must focus more on its customers.

This did not mean turning its back on the competitors, it’s that AMD will become customer  and market focused, he said.

Interestingly, Read didn’t dismiss the possibility for AMD to license ARM architecture, saying it will depend on where the market goes and what customers want.

It would be a “very simple” decision to work with ARM if that was the direction the market went. But in the meantime AMD will focus on improving its x86-based chips.

Intel, with its dominant position in the PC market, will hesitate to make big changes as it seeks to protect the status quo. Outfits making chips based on ARM architecture will face their own struggles with expanding into new markets, he said.