AMD lobbies for Fusion in consoles

AMD is moving heaven and earth to get its Fusion system under the bonnet of the next generation of games consoles.

Talking to X-bit Labs, AMD’s Senior Director of Content and Application Support Neal Robison said that Fusion systems make sense for next-generation consoles.

Fusion would give the X-Box a bit of headroom and a good balance between the GPU core and CPU core.

He said that typical console lifecycles require you to take advantage of the chipset as best you can at the introduction and over the lifecycle of the product. This allows developers to refine and tweak titles to take advantage of more power.

Robison admitted that x86 was not that popular with games makers who tend to use Power, MIPS, and Cell.

However Robison pointed out that the original Microsoft Xbox did use x86 and the Xbox has proven that there is great performance to be had with the x86 architecture.

He said that Sony made a bit of mistake thinking that the Cell processor was going to be everything it would need – and that it would handle both the traditional CPU tasks and the GPU tasks.

As a result it had to add a GPU to the system quite late in the design of the entire console.

He thinks that there is an opportunity for a very good well-balanced multi-core processor arrangement inside the next-generation consoles.

Fusion architecture can capable of scaling both up and down so it fits quite nicely, Robison said.

Of course getting Microsoft, Sony or Nintendo to buy his outfit’s chips is another matter.