AMD intros low power CPUs, chipsets

Chip firm AMD said it has introduced a number of products aimed at the embedded market.

Those include chipsets, graphics and low power CPUs.

The ASB2 BGA processor and the high performance AM3 platform give different combinations of power and performance and can deliver up to 74 per cent improvements in performance per watt compared to previous products, claimed AMD.

westcottThe embedded design, pictured here, comes with an interesting optional extra – a Westcott Flexible Stainless Steel Ruler.

The platforms also support faster memory access with support for two DDR3 channels, better I/O, CPUs that offer power rates of eight, 12, 15, 25, 45 and 65 watts TDP.

The platforms support single, dual and quad core at frequencies of up to 2.8GHz.

The AMD 785E chipset supports PCI Express 2.0, and ATI Radeon HD4200 graphics.

A BGA package offers a low profile aimed at fanless designs.