AMD goes to Hollywood with Predators

We met Charlie Boswell a few years back and took him for a curry in Wembley – hey he liked it. We like him.

Now Charlie, who is the director of AMD digital media and entertainment, is a drop out from music school and became an electrical engineer but, he said, his experience at AMD was life changing.

AMD asked Charlie to lead its “charge” into Hollywood when the company realised his background in music and stuff. AMD directly talks to Hollywood luminaries like George “light sabres are mine” Lucas. His team works with people making films to make sure the workflow works well on AMD chips.

His group doesn’t measure its success on how famous the person is, but what he or she can do with the technology. AMD is talking to the people who made Predators – it played a detailed part in the creation of the movie said Charlie.

Robert Rodriguez – as well as making Predators – also used AMD tech to make six other movies including Shorts, Spy Kids 2, the Island of Lost Dreams, Spy Kids 3D, Game Over, Planet Terror and Sin City.

Predators was made using an Istanbul six core processors with the FirePro V8800.

Next time you’re in Blighty, Charlie, come buy me a beer. Amazingly, I’m still alive.