AMD forces stand up comedian to talk chips at Mandalay Bay

After a gruelling ten hour flight from Gatwick, sandwiched in on the plane between two strangers and a sleeping unnamed British hack, TechEye is in Las Vegas for the Consumer Electronics Show 2011.

It’s not all kicking off properly until Thursday, but today’s press day and AMD yesterday treated the early birds to a night of pre-gaming at the Mandalay Bay. They really pulled out all the stops, and while the marketing team were tough to spot, CEO Dirk Meyer made an appearance. He was preceded by a funk band, and then what TechEye is told a rather famous stand-up comedian. Sylvie Barak of RCR Wireless and Lydia Leavitt off of TG Daily told us that.

It was bizarre but then so is everything else here. The comic, who claimed he was given a hefty envelope of dosh for his appearance, had to talk at length about microprocessors and computing innovation. His act was great, but this was hands down the funniest part – interrupted occasionally, by himself with lines like: “I don’t know what the f*** I’m saying here.”

Keep an eye out for Dirk Meyer’s appearance at the Edinburgh Fringe.

Meyer was on stage for a good ten minutes, and we were so sad to see him leave that we left too, to shed away the jetlagged hours and prepare for what journalist Aharon Etengof says is “the biggest waste of time”.

Today we’re off to see the apologetic Ottelini.

*EyeSee Journalists flown out by Intel are subject to the typical do as we say not as we do – there are mandatory booths and keynotes for attendance. Microsoft events are compulsory. What are they going to announce? Surely it’s not going to be some sort of tablet, is it? Is it?