AMD extends Vision thing to build-your-own Vision

Chip firm AMD is extending its Vision idea to include build your own desktops and unlocked notebooks, it said today.

Leslie Sobon, VP of worldwide marketing said that people just don’t know what PCs to buy. People buy by brand, she said.  AMD’s Vision thing makes it easy for non-technical people by getting rid of all these stickers that cover machines and replacing them with the Vision sticker instead.

Vision, if we understand it right, is a way of describing PCs as good, better and best – that’s Vision, Vision Premium, and Ultimate Vision. It’s like buying a car or a washing machine or something – no one cares what CPU is in their washing machine or the 600 or so ICs that are in modern high end cars.

Now there’s something called Black Vision too, which is for people who want to build their own desktops. There will even be unlocked Black Vision notebooks so that people can tweak them.

Leslie Sobon

Leslie is the woman on the right next to three men I don’t know

“Nobody knows what processor is in their TV or MP3 player and they don’t care. They shouldn’t have to care what processor is in their PC,” she said.

She said there were will be three times the number of AMD based ultra-thin notebooks in 2010. Vision will be available for notebooks and for desktops. But not, apparently for servers.

More 14-inch mainstream notebooks are sold round the world than in any other size. AMD is the only company that can provide that in a low thermal envelope, she said.

AMD is the only company to have both a CPU and GPU, said Leslie. You need a good CPU and GPU to keep your memories.

She said that over 11 million DirectX 11 ASICs have shipped, and over 20 DirectX 11 notebook and desktop graphics products have shipped in less than seven months. There are 30 notebook designs in the market, she said. She claimed that only AMD has to-to-bottom support. She said that open standards mattered, such as OpenCL, OpenGL, Open Physics and Open Stereo 3D. “Open standards will always win,” she concluded.