AMD discovers it has its own Turbo Boost

Rumour has it that AMD will be coming out with its own version of Intel’s much flaunted Turbo Boost technology, which overclocks certain cores whilst disabling others.

The littler chipper is said to be planning on launching the tech, currently nicknamed “C-state performance boost,” when it unleashes its monster six-core processor, Phenom II X6 “Thuban” in Q2.

Intel has known for ages that while more cores are a good thing, not having the software to take advantage of all that raw power is not particularly helpful, which is why Turbo Boost was pegged as such an innovative little product when it was unveiled a couple of years ago.

An Intel spokeswoman once told this reporter that Turbo Boost worked rather like the air-conditioning in one’s car. When the aircon was divided to blow at both the passengers’ legs and face, the airflow was weaker than if one simply decided to focus it all on either the face or the feet.

And by all reported accounts, AMD’s catchily named C-state performance boost will work in much the same way, overclocking certain cores to get better single-thread performance while turning off others in order to stay within the thermal limits.

The tech is also said to be hardware based and will work on any system that supports six-cored wonders.

AMD, of course, refused to comment on all this rumour mongering and speculation.