AMD can make Ultrabooks too

The revelation that is the Ultrabook is all Intel’s – but in name only.

Yesterday at the Asus Ultrabook launch, Dan Belton, Intel UK and Ireland’s Director of Consumer and Retail confirmed to an audience of journalists and the Intel-intrigued that there’s nothing stopping AMD from making ultra-thin laptops. 

“The Ultrabook is an Intel platform,” Belton said. But the form factor – a miniscule and light laptop with an aluminium chassis, long battery life and instant-on as its main selling points – is not. “There’s nothing stopping them at all, no,” Belton said. 

A BBC journalist then inquired about Apple. As its Macbook Air uses Intel processors, would Intel classify the Macbook Air as an Ultrabook? Despite certain glaring similarities, the answer is no: It’s a “fantastic product from Apple,” but “it does not qualify as an Ultrabook, because of the specifications.”

We asked how it would qualify as an Ultrabook, to which Intel replied: “To answer that question you’d need to go through the specifications of the Ultrabook, which we’d be delighted to do, but as far as Apple is concerned we’re here to talk about Asus today.”

What’s in a name?