AMD boss: Windows to grab 20 percent of tablet market

AMD chief exec Rory Read believes Windows tablets could seize up to 20 percent of the tablet market over the next five years.

Speaking in an interview, Read pointed out that Windows tablets currently account for only two to three percent of the market, yet Windows 8 could help make them much more appealing to customers, reports Fox Business.

Read argues that traditional PC players are looking to Windows 8 to gain traction in the tablet market. However, the market is dominated by Apple, with Android slates in a myriad of shapes and sizes coming in a distant second place, so “traditional” PC companies have a long way to go.

In the meantime, AMD is pinning its hopes on affordable ultrathin notebooks.

AMD already outlined its plans for Brazos 2.0 and Trinity ULV based ultrathins, however the latter seem to have been a no-show at Computex. Read also used the opportunity to take a swipe at Intel’s Ultrabook push. 

“Some of our competitors have targeted too high in the premium segment,” he said. “AMD wants to bring ultra thin notebooks to everyone at a mainstream price point.”