AMD announces new desktop, notebook kit

AMD is letting loose an update to its desktop and notebook platforms that run on VISION technology, both for the consumer and for commercial buyers.

The new notebook platforms come in two flavours, Mainstream and Ultrathin, which do exactly what you’d reckon. The Mainstream is for your average guy or gal to geek out on, specifically designed for multimedia purposes like watching movies, listening to music and playing games smoothly and pleasingly. It runs on an AMD M880G chipset. You can find all the specs here. AMD reckons with its mainstream kit it will be able to “hit triple and quad core price points at US $799.”

The Ultrathin notebook models are what AMD seems to be really excited, though: it’s a sleek little thing with HD playback and AMD says it can last up to eight hours of battery life. It also brags that the Vision system, with integrated AMD graphics, achieved a test HQV 2.0 video score twice that of “a comparable Intel-based system.” AMD would not confirm whether or not this was a 586. The full spoddy specs are here.

Ultrathin notebooks will ship with low voltage Athlon II Neo and Phenom II processors that will be able to handle speeds of between 1.3 GHz and 1.7 GHz. The single core and dual core processors are designed specifically to be careful on the power front, generally running between 12 and 15 watts.

Similarly with AMD’s new desktop platforms, they also come in both ‘mainstream’ and enthusiast models. They sport the six-core AMD Phenom II X6 processor and run all the sort of bits and bobs you need to enjoy high definition media, including the ATI panoramic Eyefinity technology. A video where you can see what to expect, as well as about ten nerds ranting and raving, is here.

Full details on the whole desktop lot can be found here.

It’s interesting that AMD is trying to get a foothold on the notebook market with the new chips as we recently learned Intel is aiming for the affordable notebook market too, with its i3 and i5 chips.