Amazon prepares the ground for tablet

Online bookseller Amazon is redesigning its website so that it can handle tablets in a move which is touted to give Jobs’ Mob a good kicking.

Amazon is planning to release a tablet which will seriously undercut Apple’s iPad and if it is backed with the outfit’s cloud services it could give Cook a major headache.

According to Techcrunch, which has seen the new layouts, the changes in Amazon’s online store “practically scream ‘tablet-optimised’.

New web pages show a bigger search bar and less clutter to better highlight music, e-books, digital games and applications from the Amazon Appstore using Google’s Android operating system, the blog said.

Amazon has confirmed that it is rolling out the new design “but refused to say when the new design will be live for everyone,” Fouts wrote.

Whatever the website looks like, if Amazon’s tablet fails to make any impact then it is time for all tablet makers to give up and accept that it is simply Apple in the market.

True, it will be smaller than the iPad with its 7-inch (17.8-cm) screen, but it is much more of a content machine.

TechCrunch said that Amazon wanted to offer Amazon Prime,  its $79-a-year internet streaming service, for free along with the gadget.

Amazon’s tablet will be wi-fi only and come with a colour touchscreen but a limited 6 gigabytes of memory.

Analysts say that Amazon will flog five million tablets in the fourth quarter, becoming the top rival to Apple.

Of course the moment Amazon starts to complete, Apple will sent around its lawyers, claim that the bookseller stole its technology and attempt to get a worldwide trade ban.