Amazon launches $199 tablet

Jeff Bezos, the CEO of Amazon, presented his potential iPad killer at a press conference in New York this morning.

The Kindle Fire will only cost $199 and will be available in the middle of November in the USA.  The dual processor device will link to PCs using wi-fi, and it will back data up using Amazon’s cloud servers. It has a seven inch full colour screen, runs on the Android operating system and is being made by the millions, Bezos said. It uses a browser called Amazon Silk which is linked to the Amazon cloud system.

In addition to the tablet, Amazon also announced a Kindle Touch which comes in three varieties – two with touch screens and one without.  The $99 version supports wi-fi while the $150 dollar unit will support 3G. The non-touch version costs $79 and is already shipping, while the other two are slated to ship towards the end of November.

We’ll provide further details when they become available. But at the price this could well give Apple a run for its money.