Alienware caught overcharging for Intel overclocking

Dell’s gaming rig makers Alienware might have started thinking that its users are willing to part with a lot of cash for not much.

The outfit has started flogging the Intel Core i7-2600K ‘Sandy Bridge‘ processor and is offering to overclock it from 3.9GHz to a blistering 4.1GHz. The only downside is that this upgrade will cost you $250.

This means that those who have a need for such speed will have to write a big cheque. Well, according to Trusted Reviews  not really.

It says it was able to overclock the same processor to 4.7GHz and beyond with an Intel reference board.

While other enthusiast system builders like CyberPower and MAINGEAR also charge for overclocking, the amount they want is a lot less. CyberPower charges $19 for a 10 per cent overclock, $49 for 20 per cent and $99 for 30 per cent.

But all of them end up at a higher clock frequency than what Dell is offering on the same processor and a lot cheaper. MAINGEAR charges $49 to max out the system you bought to a level that they deem safe by checking system temperatures.

Quite why Alienware is charging so much for a job that many of its own enthusiasts could probably manage on their own is anyone’s guess. Maybe they have looked at the Apple business model and thought “I’ll be having some of that”.