ADI announces quad-sensor MEMS gyroscopes

ADI has announced a range of MEMS gyroscopes using a set of four sensors to allow incredibly accurate movement sensing for devices such as the iPad.

The ADXRS64x series will use ADI’s quad-sensor technology, which is able to reject unwanted vibrations with its shock, noise and vibration immunity, to continue to provide reliable angular rate, or rotational, sensing despite adverse conditions, says ADI.  

ADI have released the ADXRS642, ADXRS646, and ADXRS649, priced at $41.85, $75.39 and 58.59 per 1000 respectively.

The MEMS gyros have linear acceleration sensitivities as low as 0.015°/sec/g, according to ADI, which is compared to 0.1°/sec/g “offered by the leading alternative”.

The ADXRS64x series also offers faster three milliseconds start-up times, and 10 times lower power consumption at 3.5 mA, compared to other MEMS gyros on the market that consume twice as much at 60 mA, also meaning that the range is well suited to low power portable devices.

The family of gyros now allow what is considered, at least by ADI, to be the highest rate of rotation sensing available at up to ±50,000°/sec for the ADXRS649.

The ADXRS646 allows for extremely low-drift performance of eight degrees per hour meaning that the technology can be used at the higher precision end of applications, as well as functioning in environments between -40° C and 105° C.