Acer wins big Taiwanese HPC contract

Taiwan’s National Center of High-performance Computing will be having an overhaul, installing a computer expected to make the top 50 of the Top500 supercomputer list – and it’s been awarded to the local contender,  Acer.

The contract will see Acer provide entire system integration for servers, storage, switches and software, as well as the construction of a high density data centre, made up of over 600 servers. It was picked from a pack of ten though we’re not certain who the other contenders were. It will be working on conjunction with others familiar with HPC, including QLogic, Platform Computing and DataDirect. 

The Acer manufactured set-up will see just over 25,000 cores, 70 terabytes of memory and over 1.1 petabytes of storage. It’ll be powered by an Intel/AMD concoction, the AMD Opteron 6100 processer based AR585 F1 server and the Xeon based AR360 F1 server. 

While it won’t quite be a contender to the monstrous Tianhe-1 across the strait, or upcoming American efforts, it’s about time Taiwan had a beast. As long as Acer has straightened out those overheating kinks…