Acer stops making so many tablets

The tablet phenomenon is starting to look like it was all a marketing pitch to the Apple faithful as the leading hardware makers cannot duplicate the sales.

Maker of the worst laptop I have ever owned, Acer, is legendary for making cheap and cheerful gear, but has decided that tablets are not working for it.

According to Reuters, Acer slashed its full year shipment target for tablets by almost 60 percent as sales do not look like they will match forecasts.

To make matters more galling, Acer demanded the head of its former chief executive Gianfranco Lanci in March following a clash over how to deal with the tablet challenge.

Chairman JT Wang said that that the new target for tablet shipments this year was 2.5 to three million units, much lower than the five to seven million units target set at the beginning of the year.

Acer only expects to sell 800,000 tablets in each of the second and third quarters.

Part of the problem is that many tablet makers felt they could duplicate Apple’s business model. They charged huge mark ups on the assumption that if Jobs’ Mob could get away with it, they could too.

What they failed to understand is that Apple fanboys will buy what ever Jobs tells them to buy at what ever cost, a luxury other manufacturers do not have. After all, notebook makers do not sell the same spec as a Macbook for the same price, that would be suicide.

If tablets were going to make any impact they had to be sold at a price at least half of the iPad. It is not difficult, as they do not cost a lot of money to make.