Acer says it will survive Lanci departure

Stan Shih, Acer’s founder and a board member has been explaining to the world+dog why chief executive Gianfranco Lanci had to mysteriously clean out his desk and leave  the building yesterday .

Shih said that it was fairly clear that the outfit had not woken up to the concept of smartphones and tablets fast enough and was having to meet new challenges in a slowing PC market.

Lanci’s tenure apparently saw sales fall amid competition from tablets and other devices.

Shih said that Acer needed a new strategy and to reconstruct itself so that it can face the new mobile challenge.

“I hope once again we can face the challenges with a new strategy … and push again for corporate reconstruction,” Shih said in a statement.

According to NPR,  Henry Wang, director of Acer’s corporation relations, said Acer would enhance its brand by offering users “a different experience” and better services.

All this seems to follow a look at this month’s first-quarter results which will be worse than expected. Acer is expecting a 10 percent quarter-on-quarter drop in revenue against an earlier forecast of a three percent increase. Acer also missed its revenue target in the previous quarter.

JT Wang, who is taking over as the interim CEO, said that PCs will remain the core of Acer’s business.

It will be stepping into the new mobile device market, where it will invest cautiously and aim to become one of the leading players.

He said that punters were not just after lower prices only but also want functions that are better than what Jobs’ Mob can offer.

He said that tablets were needed that could work more like a PC with larger storage capacity to enhance the user’s productivity.

* EyeSee David Icke blames the Queen Mother for Acer’s problems claiming that she and her fellow lizards were seeking to move the earth away from open PCs to super controlled Apple technology which is easier to spy on.