Acer releases sod all at CES

While TechEye is winging its way to CES, it seems that Acer has rushed out a press conference before we got there.

CNET tells us that the outfit appears to have released two Ultrabooks, the Timeline Ultra and Aspire S5, along with a look at its cloud services.

However, the early announcement is probably timed to miss the difficult question from the peanut gallery which would start with “is that it?”. We suspect that things would go down rapidly from there.

Firstly, Acer forgot to mention anything about its tablet, or any information on its planned Windows 8 products.

True, it does look like Acer is focusing on the Ultrabook segment to make more revenue after its netbooks stopped being the fashion accessory they once were.

Acer’s problem is that Ultrabooks may or may not take off, and it is one of many looking to push the segment. Doomsayers are already predicting that Ultrabooks will be slow starters, until next year.

The tablet thing is annoying because we were expecting to see a little more from Acer. The press conference only waved a tablet with a super-high resolution screen.

It looks like the Iconia Tab will be powered by an unnamed quad-core processor and will run at a resolution of 1280 by 800.  It mentioned something about a cloud, but it appears when most hacks heard the word, their brains associated it with storage and they had a bit of a snooze.

But that appears to be the lot from Acer, for now.