Acer, others turn to fiber glass to keep Ultrabook BoM down

Another day, another Ultrabook* rumour. In a bid to cut down on that hefty bill of materials as much as possible, Taiwanese suppliers are muttering that Acer has signed a contract for fiber glass cases with Mitac Precision Technology.

The savings aren’t enormous, but there are savings, which is essential for what Intel wants as a sub-$1000 form factor.

Hushed whispers to Digitimes reveal a $20 saving for the entire Ultrabook case, and they are $5-10 less expensive than the sleek aluminium alloys. 

Asustek might get Mitac on the blower too – when it sees the savings Acer’s making.

We will, it looks like, get a first glance at the Asus Ultrabook at an Intel event next Tuesday, at the W Hotel, Covent Gardeen. 

Uncertain market conditions haven’t helped Acer along either, with the world and its dog taking a step back from traditional computers and notebooks.

Whether the Ultrabook will be the proverbial kick up the jacksie that particular industry segment needs remains to be seen. Intel’s rag-tag gang of Ultrabook manufacturers is growing. HP and Dell are tipped to join in.

Intel is allegedly trying to develop a hybrid plastic and fiberglass case to further trample down extortionate BoM costs. 

* Is it time to kill the upper-case “u” in Ultrabook yet? We don’t think it’s ready.