Acer has not given up on tablets

Acer founder Stan Shih has denied rumours that Acer will withdraw from the tablet PC and smartphone markets.

Shih told Digitimes that although Acer’s tablet operation has not performed well, it is not time to give up yet, even if Ultrabooks are particularly nice.

Experiencing frustration was an unavoidable part of the process, and was similar to what the company experienced when it entered the notebook market.

He confirmed that Acer’s board of directors has discussed the company’s product development and streamlining its corporate organisation, and has consented to strategies of simplifying operational goals through focusing on profitable products. In other words, sell more stuff that sells.

What it decided was that there was an overlapped development between tablets and smartphones and so there would be a simplified organisation of the two to improve efficiency, reduce conflicts in product development and consolidate resources for developing niche and competitive products.

Rather than killing off its tablets, Acer will expand business operations, he said.

Of course there is always the possibility that tablets are always going to be the sort of product that only an Apple fanboy would buy. It is still not clear what sane and rational people would want with one.