Acer comes up with a cut-price Ultrabook

The dark satanic rumour mill has turned out a yarn which suggests that Acer is going to release a cheap as chips ultrabook for less than $700.

While we don’t expect it to tip up in Blighty for less than several trillian pounds, thanks to the way that UK customers have to pay a bit more for everything, it’s still a lot cheaper than what other Ultrabooks are going to claim and should make Intel very pleased.

Intel has been trying to give its OEMs a Chinese burn until they turn out cheaper Ultrabooks and kill off the competition as the first port of call for the consumer market.

According to Digital Trends, about the only bit of information to the rumour is that the screen of the cheaper Ultrabook will be 15 inches. Other Ultrabooks on the market have smaller 13.3-inch displays. Unfortunately any information on the specs is slim. Intel has lowered the price of a ton of chips but SSDs don’t come too cheap – so we wonder how much of Intel’s $300m war chest has been used to subsidise this release. If anything.

Those which have 15 inch displays have not been seen outside Korea, such as the Samsung Series 5 14-inch model. If that beast was flogged on the world stage it would be fetching about $1300.

What makes the rumour more interesting is that Acer has just been telling the world and its dog that it was fed up with the cheap and cheerful thing and wanted to make something with higher margins for once.

If the rumours are true we will expect to see one at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas – provided the free booze does not to get to us and we can’t see anything at all.