Acer chairman dooms iPad to 80 percent market share drop

Acer has begun a war of words with Apple, with its chairmain J.T. Wang saying that the iPad is doomed to drop as much as 80 percent of its market share, and some of that void will be filled by – surprise – Acer.

In an interview with Chinese language Economic Daily News, Wang said that the iPad rules nearly 100 percent of the tablet market currently, but that he expects Apple’s market share to drop sharply to between 20 and 30 percent once the tablet market stabilises.

With no real competition at the moment the iPad, which is only about five months young, is enjoying extremely good sales. That will change, however, as Android and Windows tablets are being made in their dozens and will soon flood the market, giving consumers considerably more choice and opening the way for stronger competition.

Wang suggested that Android tablets will become the dominant force, knocking Apple from its throne as it has done in the smartphone market. He said that a closed platform like that of Apple’s iOS is doomed to fail to an open one like Google’s Android, saying that this has been the case for years. He stated that it is only a matter of time before Android gains market share and becomes the strongest contender to the iPad.

Acer was originally planning to release an Android tablet in September or October of this year, but in August it revealed that it would be delaying the release until the first quarter of 2011 so that it could run Android 3.0 instead of 2.2, which many believe will be a more tablet-friendly version of Google’s OS. Acer’s tablet will be powered by an ARM processor and should have a seven inch screen, with a possible 10-inch model also in production. Just one of the many tablets lined up that are set to take a bite out of Apple over the coming months.