A TweakTown week in review: some top picks

Hello TechEye viewers, this is TweakTown’s Content Editor reporting back once again with another weekly update of the highlights over at TweakTown recently.

Last week saw a few chassis’ pass through our labs for a good going over, beginning with a micro-ATX sized offering from SilverStone in the Temjin SST-TJ08 Evolution M series. Considering the sub-$100 price tag it carries when you look at its overall ease of use, well thought out design and quality of build, it was quick to deserve our Editor’s Choice award and could be the perfect candidate for your next compact, unassuming gaming/LAN rig or workhorse.

Moving up to the more populated mid tower market, we checked out Corsair’s new Carbide Series 400R last week which also managed to thoroughly impress thanks to its aggressive price tag in line of the overall feature set and customizability on offer here. Corsair aren’t wrong with their slogan on this new series; “Everything you need, nothing you don’t” pretty much sums it up.

In the first of several new NZXT series cases we will be looking at in the weeks to come, we checked our their Tempest 210 Mid Tower offering for the entry level crowd last week. With NZXT having made quite a name for themselves in delivering quality, respectable chassis’ to market at super low prices, it’s not too surprising that we were also quite impressed with what was on offer here for the respective $55 MSRP. Sure, it has a few shortcomings up against the likes of the nearly double priced Carbide 400R from Corsair we mentioned above, but for $55 you really do get a lot of case here, including front USB 3.0 and well thought out wire management.

Moving onto other things, if you’re a Star Wars fanatic you would no doubt be aware of the new re-mastered Star Wars Blu-ray Boxset that was launched just recently, covering all six movies in unprecedented quality and giving a ton of bonus materials, many of which have never before been seen.

Our movie buff Ben was quick to jump all over this one and is in the midst of dishing up his overall thoughts on the new releases one by one. Reviews on both Episode I: The Phantom Menace and Episode II: Attack of the Clones are now online for your reading pleasure and no doubt by the time of our next weekly update we’ll see Episodes III and possibly IV covered.

If you’re an avid FPS gamer, no doubt you’d be quick to say the biggest piece of news out the gate last week revolved around that jaw dropping multiplayer FPS we’ve all been anticipating for months, Battlefield 3. We’re pretty pumped about it here at TweakTown too, and as such, with the open BETA now available for everyone to get a taste of the incredibly detailed action, we decided to give our thoughts on how it’s shaping up in the form of a PC Preview. And that wraps up the major happenings from our neck of the woods over this past week. Until next, adios folks!