A Google Nexus tablet in the works

One would think that with all this talk of tablets and iThingies, Google must be feeling a bit of a paranoid Android and restless to take a Chromed crack at the rapidly emerging tablet market. 

And according to some half-baked rumours and wistful whisperings, the search engine giant may be doing just that, with plans of a super tablet of its own. 

Just like the Nexus One was Google’s way of dabbling in hardware to show the industry what it should be aiming for, word on the street is that the Mountain View, CA based company may come out with its own tablet too. 

Now, if Google was going the Taiwan route with this, the interwibble would doubtless already be flooded with blue-prints, specs, pictures, and gossip from the likes of the DodgyTimes. It isn’t, so we can only assume Google is searching for partners in more discreet areas of Asia. Korea for instance. 

If we were to get more specific – and again we remind you that what we’ve heard should be taken with a mountain view of salt – we might speculate that Samsung, which has a long history of working with Apple, would be Google’s manufacturing partner choice. Although LG wouldn’t be a bad gamble either. 

So there you have it. A Nexus tablet? All stories come true in the end.