$99 tablet, Radeon HD 6900 Series reviewed, GLBenchmark 2.0

If you’re after a cheap tablet this Christmas, check out the $99 Maylong M-150, which was reviwed at HotHardware. It’s not exactly a monster machine, with a paltry 533MHz processor, 256MB of RAM and 2GB of onboard Flash storage, not to mention its dated Android 1.6 operating system, but its low price makes it something to consider for the empty-walleted among us.

The Acer Liquid Metal smartphone was reviewed at Know Your Mobile. It features Android 2.2, a 3.6-inch screen, 800MHz processor, and 512MB or RAM and ROM. It was seen as relatively specced, despite the processor speed, but the Breeze UI overlay was a bit of a turn off.

Tom’s Hardware reviewed the recently launched AMD Radeon HD 6970 and 6950 graphics cards. After some intensive testing, the HD 6900 series came in well under Nvidia’s GTX 580, but an anticipated dual-Cayman GPU, codenamed Antilles, is expected to wipe the floor with the competition when it launches in Q1. We covered the release here.

HardwareHeaven did an Overclock Special on the new AMD cards, setting them up against the GTX 570 and HD 5870. They all faired similarly, but the GTX 570 won on performance, while the other two were praised for value.

AnandTech brings news of the launch of GLBenchmark 2.0, performance benchmarking software for mobile devices. It tests OpenGL ES 2.0 performance, including rendering, lighting and compression. After some testing, the Fascinate and Nexus S smartphones came out on top, which is a nice win for Samsung.