600 million touch screens shipped last year

Displaysearch said that a total of 606 million touch screens shipped last year, a rise of 29 percent compared to the year before.

Of the type of screen, shipments of projected capacitive screens increased considerably – largely fuelled by Apple’s iPhone and iPod. The Apple iPad adopted this method of touch screen this year, and Displaysearch predicts that this type will beat passive resistive tech to become the market leader in 2010.

There are, said Displaysearch in its report, over a dozen different touch screen technologies and 90 companies are making resistive technology this year.

touch screen data

But for projected resisistive types, there are now 56 manufcturers, twice as many as in 2009.  Companies making the tech vary between those supplying only one type, while Elo Tyco Electronics and 3M produce several different types. While some firms make controller ICs, others make the entire modules.

Mobile phones soak up most of the market for touch screens, with 376 million of the 606 million used there last year – 25.6 percent of the total market.

This year, in cell touch screens are expected to show high growth – this type of technology is aimed at large sizes.