3M working on glasses-free 3D technology for handhelds

3M, maker of electronics, says that it will show off glasses-free 3D film for handhelds during this month’s SID conference on the 24th-28th May.

3M claims that it has a product which has the world’s only film to deliver completely auto-stereoscopic 3D for handhelds without having an impact on colour or resolution of the displays. It promises that mobile phones and gaming devices, as well as other handhelds, will benefit from its technology.

According to 3M, the technology only needs one LCD panel operating at a 120Hz refresh rate for optimal 3D viewing. The field sequential optical film has a backlight module assembly nearly identical to the existing kit out there, which it says will make for easy integration at assembly.

If 3M can pull this off without the need for 3D glasses, which can lead to short term sickness and which a small percentage of the population cannot physically use anyway, it may be onto a big thing – as long as detail is not compromised. It could also prove to be great for consumers who do not want to spend thousands on 3D specific kit.