3DS sells for less than Nintendo DSi XL

Thanks to Tesco, you can pick up cutting-edge technology in the Nintendo 3DS for as little as £115, along with a couple packets of Migraleve on your way out.

Amazon has matched the offer. And, reports NowGamer, the price slash means you could potentially pick up a 3DS for just £50 with a DS XL trade in. 

Will it boost sales? We can’t know yet. The 3DS has been plagued with reports of nausea  since launch. Despite GAME’s PR outright denying returns, we know as fact that major electronics retailers were seeing a lot of disgruntled customers bringing their toys back. 

At least the 3DS is still selling at a profit per item. The frankly shoddy sales were what led to the price cut and a red-faced Nintendo boss profusely apologising to existing customers. But the bill of materials for the 3DS is just $100.71, according to analysts at IHS. 

If sales don’t pick up, Nintendo won’t have much choice but to give the 3DS away for next to nothing. But some gamers who don’t have a DS already will be buoyed by the opportunity to pick up one on the cheap in the 3DS, even if they have no interest in using the disastrous 3D slider.

In fact, the cuts mean the 3D device which was supposed to be a flagship handheld is now selling for £65 less than the DSi XL, which Nintendo hoped to oust.