3DMark record broken, Dell Duo impresses and 900W Antec PSUs launch

The 3DMark benchmarking record for graphics cards has been broken, according to TweakTown, where the ASUS GTX 580 has passed the 70,000 barrier. An experienced overclocker named NickShih managed to bump up the standard GTX 580 clock speed of 782MHz to an impressive 1099MHz, helping him get a 3DMark score of 71,167.

Softpedia brings news of a new ARM-powered Datawind UbiSurfer9 smartbook, which has some pretty paltry specifications, but manages to get by with Windows CE as its operating system and a relatively cheap price tag.

Somewhat on the higher-end of the market is the Samsung P530, which CNET reviewed. It received a healthy three and a half stars out of five, with commendations for its screen, keyboard, performance, and price. It lost out on its limited range of ports and poor battery life.

ITWire has a preview of the upcoming Dell Duo, which it says is very impressive. The device is a laptop/tablet hybrid, with a screen that can rotate for multi-purpose use. Tom’s Hardware also has some preview coverage, replete with pictures of red and blue models.

With Christmas nigh upon us and everyone clamouring to empty our wallets, it’s a race against time to spend all you’ve got before they do. A good way to achieve this is with a new computer system. AnandTech has created a handy guide for picking out the bits and bobs you’ll need to make the best system for your budget over the holiday season, and it covers pretty much all price ranges.

Something you may want to consider for that new system is one of Antec’s new high-current gaming PSUs, reported by HardwareCanucks. The line-up touts high efficiency and a continuous power delivery of up to 900 Watts, making them essential additions for any high-end system.