3D telly will not take off until next year

While 3D tellies are starting to come onto the market, it is probably a good idea to wait until next year before you buy one.

One of the blokes in charge of making them, the chief executive of LG Electronics Asia, Woody Nam, told the Sydney Morning Herald  that buying a 3D telly was pointless as there was not enough 3D TV content available to entice consumers to buy a 3D TV.

All that is set to change next year when more more 3D content will become available thanks to partnerships with content providers.

But this year, forget it. Only the gadget mad consumers who are very much keen on new products and devices will buy a 3D TV this year.

Nam said he will announce some details of its partnerships with providers to jointly bring more 3D content to consumers.

Nam also poured cold water on those outfits who think that they can release Tablets based around mobile phone operating systems such as Android and the iPhone OS.

LG planned to launch a tablet with Google’s Android Froyo platform. But pulled the plug on the project because Froyo was not up to the job.

Froyo was developed for smart phones, not for the tablet, and if LG launched such gear it will use the software that will be developed only for tablet, not the smart phone.

This means that it will take time.