3D tellies set to fly off shelves this year

Isuppli expects 4,2 million 3D tellies to be sold this year, reports China Economic News. Early adopters will shell out extra cash to watch box office hits like “Avatar” or “How To Tame Your Dragon” at home, boast to their friends and hope to lure over nerdy girls.

According to iSuppli, shipments will grow threefold in 2011, reaching 12.9 million units next year. By 2012, 27.4 million 3D tellies will land in households that can afford them, whereas 78.1 million will be bought by consumers in 2015.

Isuppli says the Compound Annual Growth Rate (CAGR) will be 80.2 percent, a figure which will certainly give companies like Sony and Samsung a nice, warm feeling all around. Unsurprisingly, growth will be driven by developed markets such as the USA, Japan and Western Europe.

Apparently four percent of yank consumers buying a telly in the first three months of this year said the unit of choice was capable of showing 3D movies, whereas 60 percent bought a 3D LCD telly, and the remaining 40 percent bought a 3D plasma unit.

The biggest problem the market faces is a lacking international standard. Sales will only hit the mass market when 3D glasses will be interoperable and content will be broadly available for consumption by John Doe, Hansel, Gretel and Mr. Smith. However, It is highly unlikely the quality of television programmes will improve.

We are a tad skeptical. John Lewis felt the need to issue a press release on its first 3D TV customer a month after it announced it had the telly in stock.