10,000 cores placed in a single server rack

Fabless chipmaker Tilera says it has managed to shove 10,000 cores into a single server rack in a data center.

According to Venture Beat, the outfit has already it has flogged the monster to Quanta.

The outfit hit the news a few months back when it stuck 60 cores on a single chip. It has bragged that it will get 100 cores on a single chip next year and 200 cores on a chip by 2013. It will also have written the Lord’s Prayer on the head of a pin, just as soon as they can clean the angels off of it.

Ihab Bishara, director of cloud computing products and marketing at Tilera, said all this chip stuffing was important to keep up with the demands of cloud computing.

The outfit is not the first to try throwing cores at the problem. SeaMicro and AMD have been designing centre servers that do lots of small tasks in parallel, rather than taking on huge tasks one at a time.

Tilera’s TilePro64 processor, which is in the Quanta’s Server Room packs 512 cores in a 2U server that consumes less than 400 watts. The cores are tied together using iMesh technology.

It claims that 12 of its servers can replace 100 Intel-based and this will save 75 million per data centre.

The maths is pretty simple. One TilePro64 processor with 64 cores running at 50 watts can perform the same as a two-socket Intel Xeon 5500 processor running at 250 watts.

With 512 cores, the S2Q server can process up to 1.3 trillion operations per second and transfer data at 176 gigabits per second, all the while consuming 35 watts to 50 watts per server core. Tilera says it can get 10,000 cores in one eight kilowatt rack in a data centre. The S2Q server will be in the shops in September. Each TilePro chip sells for $900.