Powercolor names GPU after Devil

tumblr_m0l8xh1BCN1rppc0go1_1280Powercolor has released a new card which has 8GB of GDDR5 memory, with a clever new cooling system and dubbed it after the infernal prince of darkness.

The Devil R9 390X will go down like a bucket of projectile vomit in the US Bible Belt, but Powercolor is Chinese. So, trying to flog its Radeon graphics card named after personification of evil invented by a 4th century Christian monk who avoided sex by spending his life in the desert is not going to be a problem.

xxl Powercolor Devil R9 390X 970 80

Diabolic features include a core clock speed of 1100MHz, with the memory clocked at 1525MHz featuring a 512-bit memory interface, and 2816 stream processors.

Powercolor also promises the new card will offer impressive power efficiency and stability, and it won’t run as hot as the fires of hell thanks to a new hybrid cooling system. Whores of Babylon will be sold separately.

The hybrid system uses a Smart Air Cooling function to automatically control the speed the fan spend. This means that you can overclock the hell out of it.

No word on price yet, but you might have to sell your soul for it.