ATI Firepro V8800 reviewed

3D Professor has got its mitts on the ATI Firepro V8800 3D workstation graphics accelerator and has given it the thumbs up.

According to the review, ATI has gained a big chunk of market share over Nvidia in the last 18 months in the professional graphics workstation market.

The site said the card is much more scaleable than its predecessor the V8750 with test results showing an increase in performance by 40 performance in some benchmarks.

Intel Westmere processors also get a round of applause. The reviewer says that AES encryption and decryption algorithms are a bonus and an aid to performance. The CPU tested is the X5680 3.3GHz Xeon

The rest rig also uses a new Western Digital Silicon Edge solid state drive and has “blistering write/read speeds”. Here’s some Westmere figures, courtesy of 3D Professor. The complete review is here.