AMD shows off Vega


AMD lifted the kimono on its next generation GPU architecture, codenamed Vega.

For those who came in late, Vega’s design is based on the concept that conventional GPU architectures have not been scaling well for diverse data types. Gaming and graphics workloads have shown steady progress and while their compute capability may have been increasing at a good pace, but memory capacity has not kept up.

AMD claims that Vega has the most scalable GPU memory architecture built to date with 512TB of address space. It also has a new geometry pipeline tuned for more performance and better efficiency with over 2X peak throughput per clock, a new Compute Unit design, and a revamped pixel engine.

The pixel engine features a new draw stream binning rasterizer (DSBR), which reportedly improves performance and saves power.

Vega should offer significant improvements in terms of performance and efficiency when products based on the architecture begin shipping in a few months.  AMD is pinning rather a lot on Vega and its forthcoming Zen CPU.  If the two pay off then it will give Intel a much needed kick to the bottom line and claw back AMD’s dismal market share. Both technologies look rather good on paper.