Online Break up service doing well

5892487393_b3c3a6572fTwo Canadian brothers are offering an online service to help you break up with your partner.

Mackenzie and Evan Keast, will write you a breakup text or make a breakup phone call, which cost $10 and $29, respectively. If you are in a hurry they will do it for additional dosh.

Mackenzie Keast claims that the Breakup Shop was inspired by his own heartbreak, when a woman he was seeing “ghosted” him, ending the relationship by ceasing all forms of communication without warning. His service eliminates ghosting even it is a bit cruel.

Since the Breakup Shop launched in November, it has performed more than 90 breakups, and the site gets about 3,000 hits a day from around the world, the brothers claim.

If you really want to be cruel, the shop offers options like a card that smells like poo, a handcrafted note and a breakup box that can be set on fire. The box includes your choice of a movie, “The Notebook,” or a video game, “Call of Duty,” and other items like a $30 Netflix gift card and two large red wine glasses.

But punters from Russia, Mexico, Finland and Germany have used the service. The brothers even created a “heartbreakers team” of independent contractors after they received orders from countries where they couldn’t deliver breakups in the local language.

Generally the shop targets those under 25, and clients have been evenly split in terms of gender, with a slight skew toward men, Mackenzie Keast said.