More Pepper robots are on the way

Pepper the Robot, courtesy Xavier CarePeople craving for a pet robot that recognises human emotions and even mimics emotions itself, have another chance to buy the Pepper bot at the end of this month.

Japanese giant Softbank and Taiwanese manufacturer Hon Hai are preparing another batch for release in Japan at the end of this month.

When the 28KG Pepper robot was released first on June 20th, it immediately sold out.

Only 1,000 Peppers can be manufactured a month and they are not cheap at over $1,500 – the big obstacle has been lack of apps for the device but now there are as many as 200 available.

Softbank is also renting Pepper robots for companies to peddle their goods.

Softbank is developing additional abilities for Pepper including 12 hours of battery life and collision detection censors. Pepper can trundle along at three kilometres per hour, and so you don’t have to feel anxious if you let your magic Pepper tortoise go.