Barm cake with black pudding - courtesy Wikimedia CommonsLetter to the Editor

Dear Mike

I do dip into TechEye from time to time and particularly enjoy reading Nick Farrell’s stories, although he really does seem to have it in for Apple. As an Apple fanboy, I do find that slightly irritating.

Still, he has an engaging sense of fun, although I have noticed today that all four of his stories refer to a word called “barmicide” – a word, I must admit, that I haven’t come across before.

I think Nick worked for you at the INQUIRER before, but never worked for The Rogister. Can you ask him what it means?

Yours sincerely

Arnold Polybius


Dear Arnold

Thank you for your letter. I must admit that I hadn’t encountered the word “barmicide” before today. It is actually spelt “barmecide”.

Luckily, I have a copy of F. Howard Collins’ Authors’ and Printers’ Dictionary, published by the Oxford University Press (OUP) – 13th impression, 1950.

As always, this indispensable book came to my rescue. I quote: “Barmecide, one who offers imaginary things, not -acide”.

I have ticked off Nick for his spelling. Thanks for reading TechEye.


Mike Magee