PC makers despondent about Windows 10

windows-10-start-menu-customised-live-tilesIn a day when Microsoft is to announce more job cuts in its hardware and smartphone division, it seems that the upcoming Windows 10 won’t offer light at the end of the tunnel for the software behemoth.

The companies that make PCs, largely in Asia, don’t seem to think that the introduction of Windows 10 at the end of this month is going to boost their sales figures.

According to a report in Taiwanese wire Digitimes, the original development manufacturers (ODMs) don’t think Windows 10 will cut the mustard and won’t go down a storm with either individual buyers or commercial enterprises.

The wire said that “many” ODMs aren’t happy about the level of orders they’ve received for the second half of this year and think that many people just won’t bother to upgrade. Enterprises generally don’t immediately upgrade to new versions of Windows until they’re sure that the release will be stable.

Many decided to stick with Windows 7 and skip Windows 8.x.

Digitimes said that the channel is currently stuck with large amounts of inventory and the ODMs are not going to contribute to that by speculatively manufacturing notebooks in the hope that Windows 10 will take off.