World suffering from a Linux geek shortage

133846870_25114cfae4_Mj7XD_1822With the surprise success of Linux in Android, and on the server, the world is suddenly faced with a shortage of Linux geeks.

Linux Foundation Executive Director Jim Zemlin said that there are enough computing niches where GNU/Linux is the major player — from supercomputers to the next generation of automotive systems.

As a result Linux has become a super-important widely used operating system that has grown amazingly since Linus Torvalds first shared his kernel and shared his first swear word with the world in 1991.

The only problem is that there is a shortage of weirdy beardy types who know how to administer and otherwise work with Linux. In fact there are some calls in some regions for normal people to be actually trained in the black art.

Zemlin said that there are plenty of Linux jobs available if people took the time to train. He did not mention if any of them would have to give their heart to Richard Stallman or be baptised in the Tao of the Penguin, hard core Linux  still has elements of Open Sauce fanaticism which make Apple fanboys look like five year old girls – well more like five year old girls than they do already.

The Linux Foundation is developing new courses in tandem with massive open online course provider edX. Unlike some of the Linux Foundation’s previous course offerings, their edX ones are free to audit, and the cost for certification  – if you want a cred, not just knowledge –  is lower than many IT certification tests and certificates.