Windows 10 to arrive at the end of July. Maybe

AMD logoThe CEO of Advanced Micro Devices (AMD) appears to have spilled the beans on the date Windows 10 will be introduced.

At last week’s conference call to discuss AMD’s rather dismal earnings,CEO Lisa Su said that Windows 10 will arrive at the end of July.

Whether that’s the due date is a different matter – typically as one of Microsoft’s partners, AMD is likely to get advance notice of the introduction.

Windows 10 was originally supposed to launch in Autumn and that could still be on the cards.

It takes some time for Microsoft to prime its channel and its market partners with product – typically an introduction in September is more likely to catch the back to school wave.

However, Windows 10 is already late and it’s entirely feasible it is bringing the date forward.

Microsoft is hoping for big things from Windows 10 after Windows 8.x was greeted with an air of indifference by many because of its design. Microsoft is going back to basics and it hopes people will like Windows 10 as much as they liked Windows 7 and Windows XP, and it hopes people will not dislike the next operating system as much as they disliked Vista and Windows 8.x.