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  • Gloucester telco to sue YouView

    Gloucester based telco, Total-Ltd, is suing troubled digital TV service YouView, chaired by Alan 'Sirallan' Sugar, over a trademark dispute.
  • BBC's taxi fan heads off to Intel

    Huggers was the BBC's director of future, media and technology. While he was the key bloke who came up with the Aunty's shift online, the iPlayer, W1, BBC North and Fabric and chairing the YouView consortium he will probably be best remembered for his expenses claims.
  • 2011 means continued LTE lag in UK

    YouView, formerly Project Canvass, should become widespread in homes - allowing for on demand services like BBC iPlayer or 4oD through your telly plus more.
  • Project Canvas announces it's now YouView

    Couch potatoes rejoice, Project Canvas, or YouView as it's officially been named, will be landing in living rooms across the country in early 2011.
  • Project Canvas pushed through by OFT

    Project Canvas looks one step closer to becoming reality after the Office of Fair Trading (OFT) said it did not have the jurisdiction to investigate the plan despite complaints from Virgin Media and BskyB.
  • Digital TV Group speaks out over Project Canvas

    The Digital TV Group has slagged off the BBC’s next generation telly venture called Project Canvas, saying there's a lack of clarity and engagement with the rest of the industry.

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