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Founded Jan 1984
Headquarters San Jose, CA, USA

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  • Chip companies set to desert USA

    Most likely targets are though are Altera, AMD, ARM, NXP, ON Semiconductor, Qualcomm and Xilinx.
  • Chipmaker Xilinx reports flat sales

    Chipmaker Xilinx has predicted current-quarter revenue below what the cocaine nose jobs of Wall Street have predicted.
  • Intel expands foundry operations

    Intel's manufacturing technology will give Altera's chips a several-year advantage against its rival Xilinx. However, Altera will continue to make other chips with TSMC, its long-time foundry partner.
  • SIA positive despite chip sales slide

    Intel and AMD stopped giving the WSTS chip sales data program and Qualcomm, Broadcom, Xilinx and Altera are not involved either. Now, the WSTS uses forecasting and estimation methods to predict the sales which we would have thought was a bit like guessing, reading Tarot cards, or asking the cat.
  • Micron shows off the first working RLDRAM 3 hardware

    Top American memory maker Micron and FPGA maestro Xilinx have publicly demoed the first working RLDRAM 3 and memory controller setup, allowing logic-board manufacturers to begin implementing the memory standard.
  • AMD's move out of fabs was a terrible idea

    CommentIt is also clear that if the fabless chip makers out there don't do something they will quickly become also rans to the likes of Intel and Samsung who have them.
  • Strong, slow finish for TSMC in 2011

    FinancialTSMC is currently one of the two go-to foundries (the other being Samsung) with enough capacity to cater to fabless designers such as Nvidia, AMD, Xilinx, Altera and Qualcomm.
  • Intel's HDCP gets cracked

    All it took was a commercial ATLYS board from the company Digilent with a Xilinx Spartan-6 FPGA, which has the necessary HDMI interfaces and a serial RS232 port for communication.
  • TSMC might not be ready for AMD

    Altera, AMD, Nvidia, Qualcomm and Xilinx have all contracted TSMC to manufacture their 28nm products. Broadcom, LSI Logic and STMicroelectronics reportedly are among potential clients for TSMC's 28nm technology.
  • TSMC denies having problems with 28-nm

    The outfit is in volume production at 28 nm with Altera, AMD, Nvidia, Qualcomm and Xilinx. It is also trying to test wafers to lure Apple's A6 processor business away from Samsung.
  • Xilinx releases FGPA with record 8.6 billion transistors

    Logic device maker Xilinx has announced a world record, high capacity FGPA - cramming in 6.8 billion transistors and doubling the capacity of competing devices.
  • Cracks in FPGA chips' encryption nothing to worry about

    Xilinx makes Field Programmable Gate Array (FPGA) chips for the US defence industry and claims it was not surprised when its products were hacked by a team of German researchers.
  • Boffins come up with faster data storage

    And the boffins have had a little help from their tech friends with Micron Technology, BEEcube and Xilinx so there are a few places that are going to want to put it on the shelves.
  • Raj Rajaratnam insider trading case embroils ex-Intel exec

    Third in line is Rick Muscha, a senior executive at chip company Xilinx. The witness was called by prosecutors in a bid to try and prove that his former colleague at the company, Kris Chellam, was passing information to Rajaratnam about its earnings.
  • November chip sales turn out to be OK

    It proves, says Carnegie, that inventory correction in the chips sector is "mild" - and since Q2 2010 sales have been "moving sideways," citing Korean inventories peaking in September and experiencing a modest drop since then.
  • TSMC readies 28nm production

    TSMC has quite a few clients queueing up for its 28nm process with Xilinx, Altera, Nvidia, AMD and Qualcomm all taking an interest. AMD and Nvidia will base upcoming lines of GPUs on the 28nm process.
  • Computer-on-a-chip provides computer vision

    It uses vision algorthims, based on convolutional neural networks (ConvNets), mapped onto a Xilinx Virtex FPGA. It was managed on a 200 MHz Virtex 6 processor.
  • AMD gives TSMC its marching orders - report

    It is not as if TSMC does not have the technology in place. It has already got contract orders for 28nm products from Altera, Fujitsu, Qualcomm, and Xilinx.

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