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  • ODMs pushing convertible notebooks

    Wistron chairman Simon Lin said technology is not an issue, but the real challenge is coming up with designs that meet consumer demand, | Digitimes reports. This might prove a lot more challenging than actually designing and building the next generation of 2-in-1 convertibles.
  • Quanta builds half of all HP notebooks

    Wistron has also seen its orders drop. In 2012 it was looking after 16 percent of HP's orders while this year it will only get seven percent. Compal received a similar percentage as Wistron with 7-8 percent. Compal is probably not too upset.
  • Microsoft's hold over Android grows

    Redmond told ZDnet that it is the latest in a long string of such agreements, and covers smartphones, e-readers and tablets. It has signed deals with Quanta, Wistron and Compal already.
  • Apple and Foxconn/Hon Hai improve worker conditions

    There is a theory that if Foxconn increases prices, Amazon could go to other major contract manufacturers like Quanta, Wistron, Pegatron or Inventec.
  • HP Ultrabook rumoured in the works

    RumourMeanwhile, say the same lot who ignore the mantra "Loose Lips Sink Chips", Dell has ordered Wistron to work on a 14 inch model which should appear at CES 2012 in Vegas.
  • Hon Hai loses notebook orders to smaller ODMs

    Taiwanese notebook manufacturers Compal and Wistron have snatched big orders from giant Hon Hai because the ODM giant wants to make tablets and smartphones, not notebooks.
  • Toshiba sells Mexican LCD plant for peanuts

    With a projection to ship eight million LCD TVs before the year's end, and an operation boost from eight percent to 10 percent, it's a deal between friends to maintain stability while stepping on the toes of that other Taiwanese rival, Wistron.
  • Microsoft bleeds more Android outfits for patent kickbacks

    We wrote yesterdaythat Microsoft's latest target is Wistron. The ODM has signed a patent agreement which "provides broad coverage under Microsoft's patent portfolio for Wistron's tablets, mobile phones, e-readers and other consumer devices running the Android or Chrome platform," the Vole wrote in a
  • Microsoft eats Android tablet patent pie

    Original Design Manufacturing giant Wistron has just signed a patent licensing agreement with Microsoft particularly for tablets, mobiles, e-readers and other devices running Android or Chrome software.
  • Eric Schmidt to embark on Asia tour

    He will also speak to contract makers such as Hon Hai and Wistron, and component suppliers, such as Mediatek and AU Optronics in a bid to show them that Android reigns over Apple.
  • Flextronics ponders the future of notebooks

    If the reports are true, Taiwanese ODMs (original design manufacturers) such as Wistron and Compal will make hay while the sun shines. And, of course, then there is Hon Hai (Foxconn), which no doubt will also benefit from the move if Flextronics truly has had enough pain.
  • Mosaid sues Intel, Dell, Huawei, Marvell, AsusTek, RIM and more

    LawCompanies accused of breaching patents, and filed in the US District Court for the Eastern District of Texas are: AsusTek, Atheros, Canon USA, Dell, Digi International, Huawei, Intel, Lexmark, Marvell, Murata Manufacturing, Ralink Technology Corporation, Realtek Semiconductor, Research in Motion, Wa
  • Acer outsources desktops to Foxconn

    Foxconn has done a lot of outsourcing work with Acer but the outfit also used Wistron and ECS. It used to buy its all-in-one PCs from Quanta Computer and Wistron.
  • Notebook makers retrieve mojo from Intel platforms

    For the final quarter of 2010, Taiwanese makers of notebooks Compal and Quanta are both expecting five percent sequential growth. Wistron is expecting between, er zero and five percent growth and Inventec is hovering around the five percent mark too.
  • Intel to assist Taiwan's aims of cloud-computing development

    Now Intel will provide technical support for Taiwan’s ambitions to develop cloud computing technologies and applications, an area that Taiwan have identified as a key area of growth within the IT industry.
  • Compal cosies with LG for million dollar mainland project

    It's thought that the joint operation will also focus on research and development in the notebook production assembly and marketing spaces. Apparently both Compal and LG are working out the kinks in the finer details.
  • Qualcomm to spend $2 billion on giant Mirasol 4.5G display plant

    And while Qualcomm moves into the ginormous business park in Taiwan, AU Optronics and Wistron have been getting together over a coffee or two and have decided they'll start a joint venture of TFT LCD module production at the Zhongshan Torch plant in Guandong, China.
  • Acer down as notebooks take a dive

    Acer joins a number of other Taiwanese giants including Compal, Wistron, Inventec and Wistron, which have also reported declining sales.

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