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Founded Jan 1970
Headquarters Lake Forest, CA, USA

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  • SanDisk to buy Fusion-io

    Flash drives are also being adopted by data centres, a market where SanDisk competes with rivals such as Western Digital.
  • Intel improves Thunderbolt

    So far Thunderbolt 2-enabled products include the 2013 Apple Mac Pro, Z Workstation systems from HP, AJA's CION camera, and external storage drives from LaCie, Western Digital, and Promise Technologies, as well as products from AkiTio, ATTO, Cubix, G-Technology (HGST), HighPoint, Magma, mLogic, Maxx
  • Seagate takes the helium out of fast hard drive

    Helium has been touted by Western Digital as a useful way to reduce friction and heat in a drive. It also has a comedy value at the office Christmas party when the CEO reads the company results after opening the back of one.
  • Seagate buys Xyratex

    Seagate and for that matter its rival Western Digital have been trying to expand into faster and more energy efficient solid-state drive market. The thought is that while few want hard-drives upgraded on their PCs, there are loads of SSD drives finding their way into mobiles and tablets.
  • US nearly had an internet in 1965

    But it was nothing like the glorious plan that Western Digital had in 1965 because the outfit was relying on the electric power grid as its business model.
  • HGST comes up with 1.5TB notebook drive

    HGST, or what's left of Hitachi's hard drive business after it was taken over by Western Digital, has come up with the world's most spacious 2.5-inch hard drive.
  • Western Digital ships first 5mm ultraslim drives

    Western Digital is entering the hybrid hard drive market in style, with an ultraslim 2.5-inch SSHD designed for Ultrabooks and other anorexic devices.
  • PC slump might well have a silver lining

    The vast majority of PCs still ship with cumbersome and slow mechanical hard drives. We are seeing some promising developments in the ultrathin notebook market, as vendors start to include hybrid drives and low capacity SSDs in mid range gear.
  • Marvell loses $1.17 billion to university, in patent place

    Marvell made $615.1 million profit on net revenue of $3.39 billion this year and has Western Digital and Seagate among its largest customers.
  • Western Digital loses drive as profits dry up

    Western Digital is in trouble even after announcing that its first-quarter profit was better than Wall Street's gloomy expectations.
  • Seagate warns of slowing growth

    It must also be a little concerned about its main rival Western Digital, which trumped expectations and guided a strong fiscal 2013 on the back of sales to the enterprise.
  • Hard drive prices remain stubbornly high

    It has been more than nine months since Thailand was inundated by the heaviest flooding in the country's recent history. The disaster took a massive toll on the Thai economy and it managed to affect global markets as well, with one sector particularly hard hit.
  • Western Digital completes Hitachi buy out

    The thinning out of the HD herd has finished  today with Western Digital announcing it has snapped up Hitachi Global Storage Technology to the tune of $3.9bn and 25 million shares of Western Digital Corporation stock, worth another $0.9 billion.
  • Western Digital strangely unworried by SSDs

    CeBit 2012Western Digital reckons that the hype around Ultrabooks is unlikely to hurt its HDD business any time soon.
  • FTC sticks spanner into Hitachi Global Storage buy

    The US FTC is going to force Western Digital to sell off assets if it wants to buy Hitachi Global Storage.
  • HDD business to become Mexican standoff

    AnalysisThe HDD business will soon become a three-way shoot-out, with only Seagate, Western Digital and Toshiba to provide mechanical storage media for our storage hunger.
  • HDD supply trouble continues into 2012

    Western Digital and Toshiba, two of the HDD companies worst hit by the flooding, have both looked to bolster production away from Thailand.
  • Seagate and Western Digital cut back on HDD warranties

    The days of thinking that your hard drive will last at least five years is over with Seagate and Western Digitalcutting back on hard drive warranties.

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