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  • Talk Talk tops Ofcom's crap list

    Social media complaints are also reflecting similar trends, with the key culprits outlined in the Ofcom report also showing up in a Webtrends report.
  • Android was most discussed OS at MWC 2011

    MWC 2011Social media analytics and business intelligence outfit Webtrends has sent us along the brands which were talk of the town at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona this year.
  • Dow Jones can be predicted from tweets

    The guys have shown a lot more sense than Webtrends, which recently used similar techniques to work out who was likely to be the next Big Brother evictee.
  • IBM acquires Coremetrics, probably for a lot of dosh

    We talked to Christian Howes at Webtrends who told us he's not at all surprised at the acquisition. It's the third analytics company IBM has bought, he told us, one of which - SurfAid - was sold to Coremetrics.
  • Labour dominating social media mentions

    At the moment, predicting who's going to take what seats is pure speculation. Fortunately, we've exclusively got the latest in from Christian Howes at Webtrends with a set of social media analytics to tell us who and what you, the people, have been talking about.
  • Clegg still winning social media battle

    We've got our latest set of social media analytics in from Webtrends and it shows, as far as mentions go, that Nick Clegg's telly appearances are still keeping him very popular, despite alleged smear attempts from major media outlets.
  • Clegg takes pole position in General Election social networking stakes

    Webtrends has kindly sent us some of its latest social media analytics in the run up to the general election, and they show us that Clegg's popularity has soared since the election debate, trouncing the opposition with a 50.1 percent lead in mentions over the last seven days.

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