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Founded Jan 1983
Headquarters Berkshire, GBR

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  • Vodafone does a Snowden

    British mobile phone outfit Vodafone has lifted the lid on the extent of state surveillance and said that the government is snooping on people just because it can.
  • Google investors tell board not to be so evil

    Vodafone adopted a similar programme in the wake of criticism of its tax planning, and to Johnson & Johnson's "Credo", which is carved in stone in at the group's New Jersey headquarters, promising to "bear our fair share of taxes
  • Samsung's Galaxy S5 hits the UK shops

    The S5 was shown off at the Mobile World Congress in February where audiences were generally underwhelmed. It will go on sale in the UK for for £579 SIM free. Carphone Warehouse will be flogging it for £42 per month on a 24-month Vodafone 4G contract.
  • Vodafone buys Ono

    British phone company Vodafone has written a $10.03 billion cheque to buy the Spanish cable outfit Ono.
  • Brits give up on SMS

    The UK has a close relationship with SMS. The first text message was sent from Vodafone's headquarters in Newbury in 1992 by engineer Neil Papworth, and in 1993 the first mobile phone capable of texting was produced by Nokia, with the UK sending a billion texts a month by 2001.
  • Vodafone in tax scandal

    British phone outfit Vodafone is in hot water claiming a colossal £17.67 billion in tax losses that helped its half-year profits rocket.
  • India demands IBM pays $866.20 million

    India appears to have lost patience with multinationals skimping on their tax bills. It is chasing tax claims against several multinationals, including Royal Dutch Shell, and Vodafone.
  • Alcatel-Lucent is stuffed unless it can restructure

    Combes took over Alcatel-Lucent in April after being CEO of Vodafone Europe from 2008 to 2012. He abandoned a plan by predecessor Ben Verwaayen that aimed to shut down Alcatel-Lucent's activities in France.
  • UK mobile companies face fee hike

    Vodafone, Telefonica's O2, EE and H3G pay about £64.5 million pounds in total for using the 900 megahertz and 1800 megahertz spectrum bands. Any changes would result in a £309 million increase.
  • Samsung Galaxy S4 threatens childrens’ lives

    She said that when the phone exploded, she managed to get her children out of the pram sharpish.  She had bought the Samsung Galaxy S4 from Vodafone in June this year, the newspaper reported.
  • India freezes Nokia assets over alleged unpaid tax

    It's unlikely the assets will heavily impact on the deal but they could complicate it, and potentially put off other top investors from India, analysts warn.
  • EE's 4G monopoly should have done better

    AnalysisEE is no longer the only 4G provider in the UK as spectrum was opened up to Vodafone and O2, with Three to come this December.
  • Verizon sued over Vodafone buyout

    Verizon Communications has been sued by a shareholder seeking to void its $130 billion buyout of Vodafone Group stake in the companies' wireless joint venture.
  • Vodafone plans invasion of German cable

    Sources within the blighty mobile phone maker Vodafone have leaked to Bloomberg that the outfit is planning to write a $13.27 billion cheque to buy Kabel Deutschland.
  • Tory culture secretary calls for internet giants to censor the web

    Vodafone and O2are also being asked to attend the talks so that they can censor all this sort of stuff from mobiles.
  • Schmidt defends Google's alleged UK tax dodge

    However, Schmidt's argument says that it is up to legislators to close loopholes instead of scapegoating individual companies simply working within a system.
  • BlackBerry is back as the new black

    Misek thinks people should buy Blackberry shares as the outfit seems to have pulled its nadgers out of the fire and said his findings were based on checks with top mobile carriers and retailers in both countries, including Bell, Rogers and Telus in Canada, and Carphone Warehouse, Vodafone, and Orang
  • Intel appoints Brian Krzanich CEO

    James will also begin on 16 May. James was previously chief of staff for ex-CEO Andy Grove and serves on the board of directors for Vodafone and VMware.

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