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  • Via shifts chip making to China

    Via is shifting its x86 CPU technologies and related personnel to its newly formed IC design joint venture with a China government-owned investment firm.
  • Handbags wielded at dawn in BSD land

    It all started when FreeBSN announced that it will reduce the role of random number generators which are built into processors from Intel and Via, over suspicions that these methods may have been compromised by the National Security Agency.
  • FreeBSD developers don’t trust Intel and Via

    FreeBSD operating system developers have decided that they will no longer allow users to trust processors manufactured by Intel and Via to provide random numbers.
  • Jane Austen gets MMOG treatment

    Via Polygon, a Kickstarter campaign has just raised $109,563 to fund the creation of Ever, Jane, a massively multiplayer online game about Jane Austen.
  • Nokia heaping piles of cash onto Espoo's biggest bonfire

    The cocaine nose-jobs of Wall Street are worried that Nokia is burning through its cash faster than an under-the-weather Italian in a shoe shop in the Via Corsa.
  • Via loses ground

    Chipmaker Via is losing more ground to AMD and Intel, according to bean counters at IDC.
  • Via sticks Android 2.2 on x86

    Via has worked out how to stick Android 2.2 on an Em-ITX single board x86 PC.
  • Via lets loose tiny Artigo PC kit

    Taiwanese chip company Via has announced something it calls the Artigo A1150, which is a dual core DIY PC kit aimed at the enthusiast market, for desktops.
  • AMD fails in Apple rescue attempt

    AMD stormed into the fray and sued S3 claiming it owned the patents that S3 has asserted against Apple. That case has yet to be heard by anyone, but AMD thought that the ITC should stop its actions against Apple while its claim was sorted out.
  • Via takes Apple to court over three patents

    Taiwanese chip firm Via thinks Apple is violating its microprocessor intellectual property on the iPod, iPhone, iPad, Apple TV and all of the software.
  • Speculation mounts that Formosa might dump Nanya, Inotera

    Nanya and Inotera are owned by massive conglomerate Formosa Plastics. So, by the way are Via and HTC.
  • PC chip sales faltered in second quarter

    AMD appears to have taken some market share from Intel. Market share for Intel was 79.3 percent, for AMD 20.4 percent. Intel was down 1.5 percent sequentially, AMD up 1.5 percent. The only other X86 CPU vendor, Via, had a market share of 0.3 percent.
  • HTC buys S3 from Via

    Fabless semiconductor company Via has announced it will sell off its entire share of S3 Graphics to Taiwanese smartphone giant HTC.
  • AMD, Nvidia, Via give up on SYSmark 2012 Benchmark

    Designer of chips AMD, Nvidia and Via have decided it will not use the SYSmark benchmark which is blessed by BAPCo because it favours rivals.
  • Via to release a quad core chip

    Via is about to release a quad-core range of chips soon, according to the hacks at Tech Report who found the chip during a visit to the outfit's offices.
  • Razor blades remind me of Intel and AMD

    CommentJust like razors, the chip wars are more or less over. AMD remains a minority player in the X86 market while plucky little Taiwanese company Via holds the tiniest market share even compared to Sunnyvale. I daresay there are places where AMD is the Mostochlegmash of microprocessors.
  • Intel still rules the chip industry, analyst realises

    Via had .9 percent, which was .2 percent during the same period last year.
  • Intel to talk up Light Peak and Apple later today

    UpdatedUSB 3.0 has generally had a positive reception but only if you can get your hands on it. Intel has been accused of slowing innovation and dragging its heels on chipset releases, while NEC sat proud at the top of the market for some time. Via and others were also slow to capitalise.

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