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Founded Jan 1995
Headquarters Mountain View, CA, USA

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  • US taking control of the Internet

    The US government is trying to enact a law which effectively means that if it is on the web it is on American property.
  • Hackers are winning

    James Bidzos, CEO of VeriSign, admitted his outfit had lost data to hackers in 2010 and Enrique Salem, CEO of Symantec, also admitted that source code from the 2006 version of its program for gaining remote access to desktop computers had been stolen and published.
  • Verisign hacked

    Network infrastructure company Verisign has admitted it was hacked throughout 2010 and has not got a clue what data has been pinched.
  • Symantec looking to spend, spend, spend

    Insecurity outfit Symantec's chief executive has got his sticky paws on the company credit card and is hitting the high street, looking for a new outfit to slink about in this summer.
  • Ballmer backs anti-Google group

    Software Imperium Microsoft has been linked to a group which has been gunning for Google in the EU.
  • Criminal web forum trades in stolen social network profiles

    A study from VeriSign's cyber security watchdog iDefense has revealed a huge increase over the past year in demand for nicked social network user accounts, many of which go on to be sold internationally on the black market including over forums.
  • Dotcoms turn 25

    IT journalists were today left frantically scrabbling for some way to describe the 25 year anniversary of the first registered dotcom address.
  • Microsoft granted court order to squash botnet

    A judge granted Microsoft's request to kill 277 internet addresses associated with a so-called botnet installed on thousands of PCs worldwide.

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