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  • Unisys kills off mainframe chip

    Unisys is phasing out its decades old mainframe processor, which is a technological dinosaur.
  • Forget the cloud, get a mainframe

    Tasmanian retailer Coogans said it is ignoring cloud technology and is upgrading its Unisys mainframe systems for its mission-critical applications and online infrastructure.
  • American paranoia moves online

    Now a security study by Unisys said that more Americans want the presidential candidates to focus on protecting the government and the electrical grid against hackers than fighting terrorist groups.
  • Intel’s Itanic is close to the end

    CommentIn the last week we reported how the Itanium Solutions page, hosted by Intel has been disappeared with virtually no traces left. The ISA, launched to fanfare in 2005 - had as members Intel, HP, NEC, SGI, Unisys, Hitachi, Fujitsu, Microsoft, Red Hat, Novell, Oracle, SAP and SAS - as reported by ZD Ne
  • Theresa May wants to boot troublemakers from social media

    According to a poll by Unisys, two thirds of adults are in favour of shutting down social networks during civil unrest, with 70 percent agreeing to a blackout on Facebook, Twitter and BlackBerry. Only 27 percent of those surveyed were against such a move.
  • GSA picks Google over Microsoft for major cloud contract

    Google partnered with Unisys in order to secure the deal, which means that Unisys will help oversee the transition of the GSA's operations to the cloud.
  • Three sentenced in US for IT fraud

    Three people in the US have been sentenced to prison terms for their involvement in IT fraud which saw $3.4 million stolen from four state governments that were destined for consultancy group Deloitte and three IT firms: Unisys, Accenture, and EDS, the latter of which is now owned by Hewlett-Packard
  • Apple, BBC, IBM, Intel, and more downloaded Facebook user torrent

  • SPEC releases virtualised server benchmark

    The benchmark, called SPECvirt_sc2010, measures and compares system performance across hardware, applications, virtualisation platforms, power consumption and power performance, theoretically making it easy as pie for users to see how their servers are doing.
  • Met Police signs early £190m outsourcing deal

    Capgemini will continue its partnership with its main subcontractors, BT and Unisys. BT’s services include upgrading and rationalising the MPS’ voice and data networks, and Unisys supports application management, data centre hosting, desktop and server break fix.

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